PS5: Supermassive Games "already having discussions" about how it can use DualSense controller

The developer of Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures anthology horror series, Supermassive Games, has recently revealed that it's already exploring ways to incorporate the DualSense controller features for its next-gen games.

In a new interview with GameReactor to promote the upcoming release of Little Hope, The studio's co-founder Pete Samuels, had an interview with GameReactor to promote the upcoming release of Little Hope, and explained that members of the team were already discussing how Supermassive's titles can best incorporate the PS5's features, including those featured in its newly revealed controller, the DualSense. 


"We've been having some chats about that for a little while now about how we're going to use that," says Samuels. "The whole tactile thing - as much as we can transfer what you'd expect the character's experience to be directed back to the player, I think the better attachment you feel to the characters."

"But we're already having some discussions, about some things we might do, some things that we might incorporate into the game having seen the announcement of the DualSense."

If you've already played one of Supermassives horror titles, then you already know that the DualSense - with its built-in microphone, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback, could make Supermassives next horror title the most chilling yet!

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