What Are The PS5's Recommended Settings?

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With the PlayStation 5 release taking place alongside the Xbox Series X, players are scouring the internet for concrete information about both consoles in order to make an informed decision.

Now, next week is the time where you will probably be able to get your hands on a PS5 if you have pre-ordered one.


We know the excitement is building with the lot of you, but there are some aspects you need to be aware of. 

Sony has now posted a flurry of videos ahead of the console's release, including some insightful ones regarding the settings of the console.

Here is what Sony recommends!


Sony has posted a full video showcasing the PS5's UI along with their recommended settings!


Check it out here or directly below.


Of course, with the release of any console, most of us are going to explore the settings menu to tweak certain aspects.


Sony has detailed what they recommended and some of the highlights include: 

  • Sony has not opted to turn on the 3D audio for headphones, but you may want to depend on the headset you wear
  • They have chosen 3D audio profile five, which is the lowest preset for the PS5. As well, we can note there are five different profiles with Type one being the highest
  • Within the controller menu, they have turned the vibration and trigger effect intensity both to the highest setting. Probably to showcase the haptic feedback settings of the DualSense
  • Finally, they show off two pre-set Power Options for the PS5; they have the Optimized Experience chosen for this video. Ther is also a Low Power Use mode which can be seen in the video