PS5's Fan Speeds Can Be Adjusted Via Software Updates

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PS5's launch is fast-approaching, and yet more details have been revealed about Sony's new console in an interview with Japanese site 4Gamer.

Sony's engineering director, Yasuhiro Ootori, discussed the console's internal fan.

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PS5's Fan Speed Can Be Adjusted By Firmware Updates

According to Ootori, "APU behaviour data for each game will be collected".

As per the interview (translated by Google):

"In addition to the temperature sensor mounted inside the APU, the temperature sensor is also mounted in three places on the mainboard, and it is designed to control the fan speed using the APU internal temperature and the highest temperature of the three-point temperature sensor as parameters."

"This fan control parameter is interesting because it also supports updates with online updates," according to Ootori.

"Based on this, there is a plan to advance the optimization of fan control. It is said that the thermal design of the PS5, including the rotational speed of the air-cooled fan, is taking a margin with plenty of room."

"When a game that continues to be under heavy load for a long time appears, it is also possible to increase the rotation of the fan and enhance cooling performance even at the expense of quietness."


That's some clever tech, and while it means that the PS5's fan may get louder when playing more intensive games, we'd wager it'll still be quieter than a PS4 Pro's jet engine style fan.

In case you missed it, we already know that the console's sizeable fan is the key reason for its impressive size.

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