Console News

28 Feb 2021

PS5 Custom Faceplates Are Finally On Sale And Ready To Replace Your White PlayStation 5

It seems that someone may have created an outer shell mould for the PS5.

Before the console has even released a third-party seller has started selling custom faceplates.

They're even shipping the plates to get to buyers by the PS5s launch date on November 12th.

Custom Faceplates is the site in question selling these items.

Apparently, the site originally came to be due to fans wanting a matte black shell.

Once the plate came to be they then decided to offer more options in terms of colours.

Each sell costs around $39.99 and comes in both digital and standard editions.

You can see the colour options below!

Limited Edition Matte Black


Cherry Red

Jungle Camo

Indigo Blue

PlateStation5 are very clear about the fact that these products are unofficial.

They completely separate themselves from Sony and PlayStation.

The above images look to be 3D renders of the shells.

So far it looks like there are no actual images of the real-life product.

There's no way of knowing that the product will fit perfectly until it arrives although the site does offer a 10-day return policy.

Will you be changing your faceplate from the original one on the PS5? If so which colour?