PS5 Adaptive Triggers: How to turn off Adaptive Triggers

With a new console generation on the horizon, you'd be right in hunting down every scrap of information on the Playstation 5.

Now, we are within the storm that is the next-generation console release week.

The Series X/S has already hit shelves, so it is now Sony's time to shine. 

One aspect that has been highly praised is Sony's new DualSense controller. 

This controller has an ample amount of new features, including Adaptive Triggers.

These triggers offer some intense feedback when playing certain titles such as Astros Playroom

But, if you have tried the controller and are not too fancy about using the Adaptive Triggers you may be wondering how to turn them off.

Here's how! 



The process of turning off the Adaptive Triggers feature is a simple one.

Sony has made the interface very user friendly, as you should not have any problems finding this feature.

You are going to want to head over to the Settings tab within the PS5's home screen.

This can be found at the top right portion of the home screen, next to your player icon.

Then you are going to want to head over to accessibility, following by controllers, and lastly head over to trigger effect intensity.

Finally, you can select the sensitivity of the triggers and you will have the following options: 

  • Standard
  • Weak
  • Medium
  • Strong
  • Off

To turn off the Adaptive Triggers you are just going to select 'Off'! 

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