PlayStation 5 Weight Confirmed: Here's How Heavy The PS5 Console Is

PlayStation 5 is coming this year, and there's no denying that the console's design has been divisive.

Thanks to, we now know how much it'll weigh, too.

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PlayStation 5 Weight Confirmed?

According to the retailer, the console will weigh in at 10.54 lbs, or 4.78 kg. To put that into perspective, the Xbox One X is a densely packed and surprisingly weighty machine, and that weighs in at 8.4 lbs.

If the listed weight is correct, then the PlayStation 5 is only marginally lighter than the original PlayStation 3, with its ancestor weighing in at 11 lbs.

Is the size of a console a dealbreaker for you? I imagine it won't be an issue at all once it's tucked under the telly, but the fact that it's actually heavier than my son's birth weight (and he was a big baby) has put things into context.

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