Nintendo Switch Pro To Support DLSS With Faster CPU – Report

The Nintendo Switch Pro feels like one of gaming's worst kept secrets, partially because of Nintendo's long history of iterative console updates.

A new report from Bloomberg has revealed fresh information about the long-awaited hardware refresh, and it appears it'll be supporting Nvidia's DLSS technology.

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Nintendo Switch Pro To Support DLSS With Faster CPU – Report

Bloomberg reports that the Switch will utilise Nvidia's DLSS to upscale images to a higher resolution.

The Switch already uses an Nvidia system-on-chip (SoC), so it perhaps makes sense for that partnership to continue, and should allow for 4K gaming on the Switch – even if solely when docked.

Speaking of the SoC, it's reportedly getting an upgrade in the Switch Pro, with a faster CPU and more memory, though the report stopped short of confirming how much faster and how much more memory would be involved.

The report also didn't discuss pricing, with many expecting the upgraded console to be available for between $350 and $400 (the Switch launched at $299.99).

There have even been rumours that the more powerful console will have its own exclusive titles.

For everything we know on the Switch Pro, check out our roundup of the new console's features and tech here.

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