Nintendo Switch May Get Bluetooth Support Following Firmware Datamine

Dataminers of Nintendo Switch's latest firmware, version 12.0.0, may have revealed that Bluetooth support is coming to the hybrid system.

As reported by NintendoLife, dataminer OatmealDome has shared what appear to be suggestions of audio support centred around a Bluetooth driver.

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Nintendo Switch May Get Bluetooth Support Following Firmware Datamine

Check out OatmealDome's tweet below, if you're feeling techie.

Of course, none of this was mentioned in the update's changelog. All that's mentioned is the very unexciting fix for " issue with the save data backup feature, where in rare cases, the automatic backup of save data is interrupted if a communication error occurs during completion of the save data backup process”.

"I personally don’t think Nintendo would add this for “no reason”, so hopefully this will be used somewhere. (Especially since Bluetooth Audio is a highly requested feature on the Switch.)," OatmealDome added.

"We’ll see what happens. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. Nintendo works in mysterious ways."

Bluetooth support is undeniably a big miss for the Switch right now. Whether playing in handheld or docked, only wired options are supported, and chat is predominantly achieved through the use of a mobile app, but only for supported games.

Rumours had previously suggested that Nintendo could release a new dock, and this could potentially mean the two are linked. Still, we'll find out more if and when Nintendo decides to discuss further.

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