New Report Notes PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Sales Have Not Improved Drastically Since Last Generation

 The PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S have undoubtedly been some of the best consoles in recent memory.

Both consoles sold out instantly when they released back in the Fall of 2020, and it has been a struggle to get one to this day.

Although the consoles have some exceptionally well, a new report has indicated that the sales of these consoles may not be as good as it seems.

Here's the news! 



A new report conducted by VCG has shed light on the console's sales of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. 

They have noted the following in regards to the sales figures of both of these consoles compared to last-gen: 

Our Ampere Analysis data shows that 4.2 million PS5 consoles, a little over 2.8 million Xbox Series X|S consoles and 26 million Switch consoles were sold through to consumers in 2020.

The means the sales performance of the new consoles almost exactly matched the previous generation launch back in November 2013. While far from weak, both Sony and Microsoft will rue their inability to produce more consoles to cater for strong demand.

So, it appears that while the consoles did sell well when they released; it is not as good as we may have assumed a while ago.

We can assume this is due to the limited inventory Sony and Microsoft had when they released these consoles.

With the demand still through the roof for both the Series X/S and the PS5, we can assume they will continue to sell well over the course of 2021! 


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