PS5 Gameshare: How To Enable Gamesharing on The PS5 With Friends

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Both Xbox Series X and PS5 have finally launched and there are plenty of new features.

If you were lucky enough to get a PS5 you might be discovering said features.


Maybe your friend got one too if so you might want to try out game sharing!

Here's how to set it up and start sharing with friends! 

PS5 Gameshare

The process of setting up and actually using game sharing is a lot simpler than it was on the PS4.


This comes as a sigh of relief to many, as it was tricky to figure out before.

Now, players will only have to follow a few simple steps. 

This feature is now called 'Console Sharing and Offline Play' and it will allow your friends to have access to your entire collection of games.

Doing this should reward you with friend of the year for sure!


Once again you are going to want to head over to your console's settings tab.

This can be found within the home screen of your console, and it will be located at the top right of the screen! 

Then, you are going to want to head over to the 'Users and Accounts' option.

This will prompt you with a screen detailing all of the ins and outs of this setting, as well if it is currently enabled on your console.


Go ahead and enable it and there you go!

Users will have access to all your games on the PS5 no matter the profile.