Discord on Xbox: Microsoft teases cross-chat integration

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More and more games are going cross-platform, supporting multiplayer between PC and the various consoles. Games like Squadrons and Warzone let you squad up with your friends regardless of how they like to play.

But there’s always that one snag: Do you ask PC folks to download the Xbox app? Do you use in-game voice chat, where you can be harassed by toxic 12-year-old randos?


Discord app coming to Xbox?

Discord is the popular compromise for a lot of folks; it’s a great, free app that you can use on basically any device. Except directly in your console with the Xbox One headset you’re already using. It sounds like that could change soon.

In a tweet on Friday, Discord said, “Our company is currently deep in hack week, where we test out wild new experimental features for Discord. Any ideas you guys want us to try out?”

A couple hours later, Xbox social-media manager Josh Stein typed a reply: “Xbox integration of some kind, please.”


If that weren’t a big enough hint that something official’s in the works — it’s Stein’s job to know what kind of tweets will get him in hot water with Microsoft — the official Xbox Twitter account also chimed in.

“We haven’t seen this request before,” said the Xbox account.

Pretty sure that’s sarcasm.

The truth is that this sort of cross-platform chat integration through Discord is a natural solution for the Xbox Series strategy: it removes friction, breaks down barriers, and makes the Xbox a little bit more PC-like than before.


Let’s hope we get more concrete details on this soon.