Concrete Genie 2 Leaks: Sequel Release Date News And Everything You Need To Know

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Concrete Genie is a pretty underrated game on the PS4, one with a great art style and a solid plot that intrigued many players, though many saw it as a title that would head straight to the underrated category.

At the least, Sony was nice enough not to release the game when a new console was coming out, which we wish happened with PS3 gem Puppeteer but there’s no crying over undersold games here.

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Latest News


PixelOpus is hiring - June 3

As spotted by Dualshockers, Concrete Genie dev PixelOpus is hiring for a PS5 project.

Check out the listing here.

Concrete Genie 2 Everything You Need To Know

With Concrete Genie not setting the world on fire, but still gaining fans and a spot on the PS Plus Collection for PS5 owners, many fans have wondered if a Concrete Genie 2 is possible.

Right now, it’s hard to say if we will be getting a sequel, especially with Sony’s new mandate about only making blockbuster games, even reportedly cancelling Days Gone 2, so that’s a bit worrying.

For now, here’s everything we know about Concrete Genie 2 and if we’ll even see the game.


Will There Be a Concrete Genie 2?

Despite Concrete Genie getting a positive reaction from fans and critics alike, the lack of sales talk for the game probably means we won’t be getting Concrete Genie 2.

Sony only seems to want big blockbuster games that will make people buy their consoles, and though charming games like Sackboy’s Big Adventure are a thing, that game comes from an already popular franchise while Concrete Genie was brand-new.

It's also worth noting that the studio behind the game, Pixelopus, were hiring for a ‘New and Exciting PlayStation 5 Adventure' back in late 2020.

Personally, we hope to see more of the new IP but our hopes aren’t high.

Is Concrete Genie 2 Going to be PS5 Exclusive?

Right now, we’re still in that awkward process of games becoming cross-gen, with PS5 games coming to PS4 and Xbox Series X games coming to Xbox One.

Over time, this will stop and more exclusives will be announced due to changing technology, so, if there is going to be a Concrete Genie 2, chances are that it will be exclusive to PS5.


Are We Getting Concrete Genie 2 on PS Plus at Launch?

PS5 fans were shocked to see Oddworld: Soulstorm come to PS Plus as a ‘free game’ before its physical release, since that was a heavily anticipated game. As if that wasn’t shocking enough,

Sony said more of these releases could be happening in the future, likely as a way to combat Xbox Game Pass.

Will Concrete Genie 2 make the same decision? Considering how it’s not a huge property, we could see it happening.