COD: Mobile - Best MSMC Loadout in Season 8

What is the best COD: Mobile MSMC loadout for Season 8? COD: Mobile's latest season, Elite of the Elite, is now up and running, introducing a number of notable changes and additions to the weapon.

The weapons meta has been mixed up once again, and it's currently favouring SMGs over rifles. While there is a host of SMGs to choose from in COD: Mobile, the MSMC is perhaps the most versatile weapon to use.

It is unquestionably the best SMG for close to mid-range encounters in the game's popular multiplayer mode.

COD: Mobile MSMC Base Stats

Here are the base stats for the COD: Mobile MSMC SMG:

  • Damage: 25
  • Fire Rate: 92
  • Accuracy: 37
  • Mobility: 113
  • Range: 41
  • Control: 27

What Are the Best MSMC Attachments?

The current meta in COD: Mobile Season 8 encourages you to engage in close-range combat.

SMGs like the Fennec, MSMC, and QQ9 thrive at this range. To compete against opponents with similar SMG builds, you will need to have a proper loadout.

The MSMC is a fast-firing rifle with average damage, and this makes it an excellent choice for close-ranged combat.

With these custom adjustments, the MSMC can become a lethal threat at both close and mid-range, boasting high accuracy and mobility.

The only trade-off for the MSMC is its consistency over range and sharp damage drop due to low control.

Here are the best attachments for the COD: Mobile MSMC:

  • Muzzle: RTC Muzzle Brake
  • Barrel: OWC Marksman
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape
  • Laser: OWC Laser Tactical
  • Underbarrel: Strike Foregrip

Compared to other SMGs, the MSMC has high recoil and maximum bullet spread. Therefore, the primary objective for building a loadout will be to maximize control and increase HIP fire accuracy.

The MSMC's strength lies in its high fire rate and mobility. If you opt instead for the Fennec or QQ9, you will not benefit from the improved mobility options that the MSMC provides. Nevertheless, the MSMC will always be at a disadvantage in mid and long-range fights. At that range, ARs like AK-47, DR-H, and Man-O-War are most effective.

Even though other weapons may have better accuracy and higher damage, the MSMC leads its class with an impeccable fire rate, great HIP fire accuracy, and consistent mobility options. It is the perfect weapon for a player who prefers to infiltrate areas quickly. Sliding and jumping is a mechanic that can be overused with the MSMC, simply because of its high mobility.

You can use other muzzle attachments to increase your accuracy and reduce the weapon's ADS time. Similarly, toggle between Ranger Foregrip and Strike Foregrip for better control.

You can also choose to remove the large ammo magazine with a normal mag or a fast-reload mag. Try not to select a stock for this weapon, as it doesn't contribute significantly to any MSMC build.

Finally, the outcome of a gunfight will always depend on your playstyle. So if you want to aggressively push opponents, then it's best to use the attachments that improve your HIP fire accuracy and mobility.

What Are the Best COD: Mobile MSMC Perks?

The best COD: Mobile perks for the MSMC need to be different from other SMGs since you will primarily be taking fights at close range.

Here are some perk combinations you can use to decrease damage from throwables, maximize your mobility, and remain invisible to enemy UAVs.

  • Agile - Quick Fix - Alert
  • Flak Jacket - Vulture - High Alert
  • Lightweight - Hard Wired - Dead Silence

These perk combinations are discretionary and should be used based on your gameplay style. Using the proper combinations will allow you to remain undetected and less vulnerable to grenades and trip mines.

COD: Mobile MSMC Tips and Tricks

You need to remember that the MSMC is not a long-ranged weapon. Other weapons like the AK-47 or the DR-H will have a fundamental advantage over it at long range because of their high damage and accuracy.

The MSMC is primarily a close to mid-range weapon with a high fire rate. This makes it one of the few weapons that have an incredibly low TTK (time to kill). Only the QQ9 or Fennec stands up to the MSMC in terms of fire rate in the SMG category.

A quick and precise spray with the MSMC can take down enemies within a matter of seconds. You can also change your tapping pattern manually to unleash a burst-fire spray.

Mechanics like slide-shot, drop shot, or jump shot are highly encouraged with this weapon. It will almost always throw the enemy off guard and ensure easy frags.

Most of the fights that you will win with the MSMC will be in close quarters. This is where the weapon has an advantage, so you need to adapt to this dynamic in your gameplay. Focus on controlling the gun's recoil pattern and try to develop a natural rhythm for the full-auto spray.

A good technique to memorize the recoil pattern is to equip the classic Red Dot Sight temporarily. Once you feel familiar with the spray, you can switch the sight out for a better attachment.

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