COD Mobile: M4 Setup & Best Attachments For Your Class in Call of Duty: Mobile

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Much like its Modern Warfare equivalent, the M4A1, COD Mobile's M4 is one of the best assault rifles in the game.

With many different customisation options it can be easy to get confused with what the best attachments are to equip and which attachments suit your style of play the best.


In this guide, we will give you our tips and tricks to create the ultimate M4 class!

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The M4 Assault Rifle

The M4 assault rifle is unlocked at level 2 and possesses high power, a fast rate of fire and very low recoil.

It's a very common weapon amongst players for all of these reasons and with mobile FPS games taking a finger degree of finesse, it is no wonder people rely on it.


M4 Weapon Skins

Weapons in COD Mobile come with different weapon skins that will make your gun look nice and provide a few advantages:

  • CQB - Increase weapon firing range, kills are broadcasted with effects.
  • Magical Eye - Increase movement speed momentarily upon respawning.
  • Color Burst - Increase movement speed momentarily upon respawning.
  • Blue Sky - Increase movement speed momentarily upon respawning, increase 5% player XP.
  • Dream Glacier - Increase movement speed momentarily upon respawning, increase 5% player XP.
  • Zombie Gone - Increase movement speed momentarily upon respawning.
  • G-Series - Increase movement speed momentarily upon respawning, increase 5% player XP.

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M4 Attachments

Attachments in COD Mobile will improve the weapon's statistics and performance in-game.

The M4's base stats are:

  • Damage - 55
  • Fire Rate - 60
  • Accuracy - 80
  • Mobility - 70
  • Range - 50

With attachments they have the following performance increase:

  • FMJ - Increases damage by 10.
  • Foregrip - Increases accuracy by 10.
  • Stock - Increases mobility by 10.
  • Red Dot Sight - Increases range by 5.


The Best M4 Class


  • Red Dot Sight
  • Extended Mags
  • Quick Draw
  • Stock

As the M4 already packs punch and has little recoil, there's no need to use attachments such as foregrip.


With the clunky nature of mobile FPS games, being able to aim down sights and extend your time shootings will be very beneficial.

Finally, Stock will allow you to be more mobile while moving.


  • Fast Recover
  • Vulture
  • Alert

This setup will allow you to recover from battles and quickly ready yourself for the next one with faster HP recovery, an awareness of your enemies and extra ammunition available.

An alternative to Vulture is Toughness, which will reduce the flinching effect when shot, making your shots more accuracte.


  • Semtex (Lethal)
  • Concussion (Tactical)

This is down to personal preference, for a class like this it's good to have an aggressive set of grenades to compliment your class.


Operator Skill

  • Scythe

The scythe is a great operator skill to have as it does a lot of damage and doesn't require much accuracy, meaning you can get those high streaks.


  • UAV (400)
  • Predator Missile (700)
  • Stealth Chopper (1000)

Scorestreaks will come down to your playstyle and ability, the M4 should see you getting more kills, meaning you can rack up a number of kills in a row with ease.

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Written byChris Trout@TheTrout91