Call of Duty Mobile January 8th Community Update: Patch Notes, Updates, New Content and More

Call of Duty Mobile has released a brand new update over the weekend.

There is a lot to unpack within this update, but do not fear we have got you covered! 

Check out all the content below. 



The full notes for the Community Update can be viewed on their Reddit post here.

But below are all the keynotes you need to know! 

News and Updates

Here is a quick look at all of the new events starting recently and a few other new ones already running:

  • 01/06 – 01/10 ~ Secondary School Playlist (MP)
  • 01/06 – 01/12 ~ Winter in Summit Playlist (MP)
  • 01/06 – 01/12 ~ Best of Black Ops Playlist (MP)
  • 01/06 ~ New Seasonal Challenge – Restock - Earn a brand-new Perk, Restock, that helps replenish your grenades
  • 01/08 – 01/17 ~ New Mode Live - Grind (MP) -Check out the Dog Tag Duty event to earn some items while playing Grind Mode
  • 01/08 – 01/17 ~ Counter Intelligence – Season Event
  • 01/08 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 01/11 – 01/17 ~ Fight Against the Clock Playlist (MP)


A brand new game mode is making its way into Call of Duty Mobile! 

This new mode is part of the batch of new content releasing with Season 13 and it is all about mixing together Hardpoint with Kill Confirmed. You’ll see familiar mechanics with collecting dogs, like in Kill Confirmed, but you’ll have to drop them off at deposit points around the map.

It gets a little more complicated than that since the more dogs tags you hold onto before depositing the better, but the more you hoard them the better chances your enemies will take you out and capitalize on all of those dog tags. This comes with an event, Dog Tag Duty, to provide some extra rewards just for trying out the new mode.

Counter Intelligence

The featured event for Season 13: Winter War has you heading to Europe to pit spies vs spies in a game of espionage that stretches across many countries in Western and Eastern Europe. Once you’ve infiltrated a sometimes-specific city, country, or region, you’ll earn some Winter-themed rewards associated with the difficulty of that region.

However, before you do that you’ll have to build up some spies that will be used to infiltrate each region. You can do that by playing Multiplayer or Battle Royale, like normal, and each area you infiltrate will have a different difficulty associated with it. For instance, one of the first regions many players will likely tackle first is West Germany (due to its low difficulty) and that will just earn you some credits, but if your ultimate goal is Moscow, which will earn you the Outlaw – Artic Threat.

There are of course a wide variety of other rewards to earn too, like Terrance Brooks – Deep Snow if you manage to infiltrate all regions and cities on the map. Lastly, certain weapon sets will provide some bonuses to the earn rate of spies during this event, so keep an eye out for any set bonuses. This is all live now, so jump in, take a look, let us know if you have any questions or feedback, and best of luck to all future spies out there!

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Credit Store Update

Alongside Grind Mode and Counter Intelligence is a simple humble Credit Store update with a whole lot to say with a completely gold weapon, the epic blueprint DR-H - Gold Glitter. However, that isn’t the only thing dropping recently so here is the full list of the new items released onto the Credit Store:

  • (Uncommon) Striker – Heliotrope
  • (Rare) QQ9 - Dark Light
  • (Rare) Chopper - Dark Light
  • (Epic) Calling Card - Grim Reaped
  • (Epic) DR-H - Gold Glitter
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Feedback & Bug Reports

  • Activision Account Linking - Ghost Stealth – Over the Holidays our teams have been working on sending these out to players who had previously linked their COD/ATVI account prior to Season 13. Many players have received these as a result, but the process is still ongoing and the team is hard at work manually going through the massive number of COD accounts that are applicable. If you haven’t received it, please hang tight and once we think it has gone to all applicable players we’ll announce that here in case anyone is legitimately still missing it.
  • Ranked Mode Updates – We’ve seen a wide variety of discussion about Ranked Mode and about several different topics related to it, like new maps put in rotation, modes on those maps, team balance, oddities with points being scored or deducted at the end of a match, and more. While we don’t have answers for these topics now, we are looking into all of it to try to sort out potential bugs from intended changes.In regard to points or matchmaking, we haven’t changed anything there (not on purpose), so we are looking into those reports to try to figure out what is going and we’ll try to address other topics once we have more information. Thanks to everyone who has reached out about these with reports/feedback in the last couple of weeks.
  • Dead Silence – There has also been many discussions about the balance changes to this perk and while originally they were just normal discussions about how the balance changes affect the actual use of the perk, we’ve seen others recently that claim this perk is no longer having any effect what so ever. We are looking into this and will provide an update when we can.
  • Black Screen in BR – We are looking into a variety of reports about black screen issues in Battle Royale since Season 13 launched. If you’ve reached out about this through Player Support channels you may see our teams reaching back out to gather additional information, however here on Reddit we’d love to gather some information as well. We’ll start a stickied thread below, so please let us know if you are experiencing this and with your basic info. Thank you all!

General Bug Reports or Fixes

  • View is obstructed in the KRM 262 when using ADS
  • Kilo Lazarus Blueprint unintended buffs
  • Peacekeeper MK2 – Artifact issues related to the kill effects
  • Missing BR Settings for scopes
  • Operators missing unique voice overs
  • BK57 – Gimmick not showing a weapon model in-game
  • Zombie Mode shards showing back in players inventories (not intended)
  • Various crash related issues on Android devices in BR
  • General purchasing issues
  • General latency related issues

Be sure to let us know what your thoughts are on the new game modes and bug fixes coming to Call of Duty Mobile! 


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