Clash of Clans Season Pass: Start/Ends Times, Price, Rewards, and How to Unlock

The Clash of Clans Season Pass has been in the game since April 2019 on iOS and Android, changing each and every month without fail. So what does each season bring, and when exactly does one end? Here's everything you need to know about Clash of Clan seasons, including end times, common rewards, and, more importantly, the cost of a Clash of Clans season pass.

What is a Clash of Clans Season?

A Clash of Clans season is a month-long period where players are rewarded for completing set challenges. It isn't the same as a Town Hall update.

By completing challenges and accumulating points, they're rewarded with corresponding tiers of rewards; including gold, other resources, and exclusive skins.

Is A Clash of Clans Season Pass Free? - Clash of Clans Gold Pass Price

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Yes and no.

A 'Silver' Clash of Clans Season Pass can be obtained for free, but this version doesn't contain as many levels as a Gold Pass, resulting in far fewer rewards over the course of the month.

Generally, you need more points to unlock rewards in the free Silver pass, and the rewards themselves will differ.

Each Clash of Clans season has a Gold Pass players can buy for £4.99. This can be bought at any time during the month and expires at the start of the next.

A 'Gold' Pass contains every possible reward available for that monthly season; including the season-exclusive Hero Skin.

The Gold Pass gives different rewards and with few point requirements between them than the Silver pass.

When Does a Clash of Clans Season Start/End?

Each Clash of Clans season begins at the start of the month and ends at the start of the next.

Rather than use set calendar weeks like other games, there's no guesswork needed for a Clash of Clans season: it begins and ends as one month makes way for the next.

Current Clash of Clans Rewards: June 2021

How to Unlock Clash of Clans Season Pass

You can't just jump head first into a Clash of Clans season. They're reserved for players who're prepared to take on its challenges.

You can't unlock or buy a Clash of Clans season pass until you hit Town Hall 7 level of 7 or higher. At that point, the option should appear as a 'Shield' icon near the 'Attack' button.

At that point, it's up to you whether to buy a Gold Pass or remain on the free Silver pass.

How to Level Up A Clash of Clans Season Pass

The point of a Clash of Clans season pass is to give players set content to complete. Three Daily missions unlock each day, with six weekly missions unlocking each week.

By completing as many of these as possible (generally by playing a specific way) players earn points toward the next Season Pass level or tier, unlocking rewards at each threshold.

Clash of Clans daily missions can only be completed on the day they unlock. Weekly missions can be completed at any point during the month.

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