Leaker Reveals Zombies Camouflages In Warzone

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Warzone players are always requesting a variety of new and innovative features for the developers to arrive into the battle royale, one of which has been the addition of Zombies camouflages from Black Ops Cold War to add even more customisation options to the ever-expanding arsenal. After several months of players demanding the camos to arrive into the game, it looks like Raven Software has taken the suggestion on board, much to the excitement of the community.

When Black Ops Cold War integrated into Warzone all multiplayer camos arrived into Verdansk, including Gold, Diamond, and Dark Matter but there were no signs of the more popular Zombies items. With Season 4 Reloaded in full swing, a data miner has managed to discover that every single Zombies camo has been added into the Warzone game files, suggesting that their release might not be too far away.

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Zombies Camos In Warzone

Zombies Camos In Warzone
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Data miner 'Alaix' is no stranger when it comes to uncovering Call of Duty content prior to its intended release, having previously found Hijacked before its arrival in Season 4 of Black Ops Cold War. This time around, they've showcased the coveted Dark Aether camo on Warzone's engine.


As expected, Dark Aether looks stunning on the IW8 engine used to power Warzone and Modern Warfare. The pulsing purples have made the camo arguably the most popular in Black Ops Cold War and it looks like Warzone players will be able to get their hands on it very soon considering its presence within the game files.

Warzone Zombies Camos Release Date

There has been no official information surrounding the release of Zombies camos in Warzone but this latest development is certainly positive news for those that want to customise their loadouts even further. Season 5 isn't too far away, perhaps there's a chance we will see them added into Warzone then? We will have to wait and see.