Why Is Warzone Free?

There are plenty of titles in gaming that are free for players to play.

Some aren't able to dish out money each year so a new game.

So free games make gaming, in general, more accessible to everyone, especially new players.

One of the titles that have gone down this route is Call of Duty's Warzone.

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Why Is Warzone Free?

You've probably heard of titles like League of Legends, Apex Legends, Warzone and more.

The question is why are they free?

From a consumers standpoint, free titles mean that players don't have to purchase the game.

Meaning those who don't have the funds to do so can still enjoy themselves.

For the creators of the game, it can be surprisingly lucrative.

Many players will join a free game pleased with the fact they didn't have to spend a penny.

Although, as you play cosmetics and more can be very tempting.

As well as that, many titles now have battle passes which will cost players a one-time payment for that season.

The pass will contain skins, XP bonuses and more.

Getting those rewards can become addictive to players.

For the developers this is a constant flow of revenue, yes the game is free but they make a lot of money off of other features.

So why is Warzone free? Likely due to the reasons mentioned above!

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