What is The Serac Gun in Warzone?

Call of Duty: Warzone continues to entertain with the amount of new content that was added in the game’s latest update, which means veteran players are doing what they can to get all of the best stuff.

One of those weapons is the brand-new Serac gun, which is a great choice for Warzone but does come at a cost; trying to get the blueprints for it is tough.

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What is The Serac Gun in Warzone?

I too found a CX-9 in Warzone and it shreds. (Small Montage)


So yes, the Serac in Warzone is an extremely powerful weapon, aside from trying to find those darned blueprints.

Right now, the best way to get it in Warzone Season 2 is to simply scavenge for all those crates that usually have blueprints in them.

There are some leakers who have suggested waiting for a supposed Soap Operator bundle but that was uncovered last December and, well, it’s already March.

According to leakers, the Soap Operator bundle would come with the blueprint for this Serac gun, which would give players a big and somewhat unfair advantage.

So as of right now, your best bet to get the Serac gun is to run around the battlefield, waiting for supply drops, and hoping that they have the Serac blueprints that you need.

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