What Is The KSP 45 Warzone TTK?

The KSP 45 has made its appearance in Warzone thanks to the Cold War integration back in December.

Why not switch it up with this tactical weapon in Season 2?

Sporting a 3-round burst, this submachine gun boasts high damage with moderate range.

But, the question everyone is wondering is how fast the weapon kills opponents within Warzone? 

Here's how fast! 



Time to kill or TTK is one of the most important components of any Warzone weapon.

Using a weapon that has a slow TTK will hinder your performance within a match, and can make taking down enemies incredibly difficult.

Players seem to be on the fence regarding the KSP's TTK within Warzone, as since it is a three round burst weapon, you are going to have to hit all your shots most of the time.

While no specific data is available as of now, we can suspect the KSP's TTK is one of the slowest compared to other SMGs such as the MAC-10 and MP5.

But, this does not mean you can not use the KSP within Warzone!

It still offers decent damage and is a good weapon to mix up within your loadouts and we recommend checking it out. 


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