Warzone Season 4: Best Hard Drive Deal for Season 4 Reloaded Update

The midseason Warzone patch is finally here! While fans may be rejoicing at the well-deserved nerf of the Grau, they are once again having to wait for what seems like an eternity to jump back into Verdansk as the size of the update is yet another whopping 30GB.

While Infinity Ward has stated it won’t increase your file size by that much after the download is complete, you still need to have 30GB free to download the update.

If you don’t want your console to turn into a ‘Warzone machine’, then we’ve got the best deals on external hard drives down below.

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SAVE 15% on Seagate's 1TB External Hard Drive

Seagate, the most trusted and best-selling brand of external hard drives, has seen an influx of gamers buying their products over the past few months, with many of their models are now sold out across the internet.

Given Seagate can essentially set their prices as high as they want and people will flock to them like Warzone players to the M4A1, it’s surprising to see these great offers appear on their products, so make sure to buy yours before it goes out of stock!

This 1TB version from Seagate is incredibly simple to set up, with no additional software or fiddly wires needed- just plug in and play.

If you’re worried that downloading Warzone on an external hard drive will cause input delays that will see you losing more gunfights than ever, Seagate promise that with their USB 3.0 technology there will be very little difference compared to if games are installed within the internal storage.

At the time of writing, this product has a 4.6/5 rating on Amazon from 48,000 rating, which is a pretty hefty endorsement. For just £46.99, it’s an absolute bargain.

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Freebie of the Day- Free Month Trial of Amazon Prime

If you can’t wait any longer for more PS4/Xbox storage and don’t want to pay anything for the delivery, Amazon is offering a free trial of Amazon Prime!

Aside from unlimited free next-day delivery, this comes with a month of Amazon Prime Video and a free Twitch Prime sub for if Ninja or Shroud make their way back to the platform now Mixer has closed down.

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