Warzone Season 4: What Is A Supply Run Contract, Where To Find It And Rewards

With Season 4's mid-season update arriving, a new contract has been added called the "Supply Run Contract".

This unique contract will reward players with a discounted item of their choice in Warzone.

Here's how it works and where to find them.

Supply Run Contracts

Supply Run Contracts are spread randomly across the map, just like regular contracts and are started by picking one up.

The contract will then ask you to make your way to a near-by buy station to complete the contract.

Once you're at the buy station, you simply need to interact with it to complete the contract.

Upon completion, every player in your squad will be rewarded with the opportunity to buy ONE discounted item.

The discounts are the same as those in Fire Sale - meaning self-revies are free, buying back teammates will be free, but loadout drops are not included.

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Here are the discount prices:

  • Redeploy Squadmate - FREE
  • Armor Plate Bundle - $300
  • Gas Mask - $600
  • Cluster Strike - $600
  • Precision Airstrike - $700
  • UAV - $800
  • Self-Revive Kit - FREE
  • Munitions Box - $1000
  • Armor Box - $1200
  • Loadout Drop Marker - $10,000
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