All the Warzone Season 4 Map Changes We've Found So Far

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Season 4 is finally here in Warzone, and as with prior seasons that means Verdansk has gotten another series of changes.

While it's not quite as earth-shattering as Season 3's time-travel back to 1984, Verdansk has had a series of satellites dropped on it, the Gulag is completely revamped, and there are some strange red doors found around the place.

Here are all the changes we've found, and where to find them.

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All the Warzone Season 4 Map Changes

Gulag Changes

Warzone's new Hijacked Gulag.
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The Gulag will feel familiar for CoD veterans.

One big change will be felt as soon as your match is prematurely ended and you're sent to the Gulag.

A new Gulag map, Hijacked, has taken over from Standoff, and will be familiar to anyone that's played prior Black Ops titles.

Can you fight your way out?

Satellite Crash Locations

Warzone's satellite crash POI.
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You can't really miss the new satellites

Season 4's big 'event' was a series of satellite crashes, and as you can imagine they've made a bit of a mess of the region.

Four spots have been hit hardest, though. Here's where to find the Satellites:

  • Krovnik Farmland (In a field)
  • Gora Bridge
  • Salt Mines (Bloc 18)
  • Airport (By the Control Tower)

Red Doors

Warzone's mysterious red doors.
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Here's what to look out for.

Red Doors have popped up over the map and can be identified by listening out for a specific noise.

Not only do these act as fast-travel spots, but they'll transport players to 'Stations' - rooms with bonus loot.

Find out more in our Red Door Guide.

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