Warzone Milano 821 vs Uzi – Which Is Better?

Since the integration of the Black Ops Cold War weapon arsenal at the beginning of Season 1, the submachine gun metagame in Warzone has become highly competitive, with a variety of weapons viable in close-quarters scenarios.

The Milano 821 and Uzi can be found on the ground, but if you’re after more firepower, there are various customisation options to bolster the performance of both weapons.

With Season 2 underway, it’s difficult to separate these evenly-matched weapons and decide which one is the best to roam the streets of Verdansk or the buildings of Rebirth Island.

Which is the superior SMG? The Uzi or the Milano?

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Warzone Milano 821

Warzone Milano 821 vs Uzi
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Armed with a slightly slower rate of fire than other SMGs, the Milano is much easier to control in mid-range gunfights, and thanks to minimal damage drop-off, it’s very easy to take down a target.

While the slower rate of fire does improve handling at mid-range, it does mean the Milano does fall short in close-quarters action, often being outgunned by the likes of the MP5 and even the Uzi.

Warzone Uzi

Warzone Uzi vs Milano 821
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The Uzi does have a similar fire rate to the Milano alongside solid performances in mid-range engagements thanks to a high output of damage.

Its recoil can be difficult to control but with the right combination of attachments equipped, the Uzi can be one of the more versatile SMGs in the category.

Like the Milano, close-range action can be problematic thanks to the lack of fire rate, but the two weapons are very evenly matched in terms of overall performance.

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Which Is Better?

After plenty of games, managing to determine whether the Milano or the Uzi was the better of the two became increasingly difficult because they are so equal in a number of areas.

With that in mind, I felt like the Uzi packed more of a punch in comparison to the Milano, which is why I think that it’s the better of the two weapons. Both are extremely solid SMGs, but the Uzi feels like it has a bit more power behind it.

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