Warzone: Is The HDR Oceanographer Pay To Win?

Call of Duty Warzone has been one of the biggest success stories for the franchise in recent memory.

While the game is fantastic; there have been some persistent issues within the game since it released.

From hackers to broken items, another issue that has plagued the game is pay to win skins.

While these are not intended to be pay to win, a new store bundle has been noted by fans to massively pay to win compared to the regular version of the gun.

Here's what we know! 



The HDR has consistently been one of the most reliable and popular snipers within Warzone. 

Rivaling the AX-50 and Kar98K as the most popular snipers, it appears a store variant of the sniper is vastly overpowered compared to the rest.

The bundle in question is the HDR Oceanographer blueprint, and this was noted by Reddit user u/aur0n, who posted the following text and image comparing the blueprint versus a regular HDR.

The HDR Oceanographer appears to give players a much wider range of view when aiming down the sniper scope, as it does not black out the sides. 

Since we had some talk about "pay to win" wepons with difference stats in the store, can we please talk about the HDR and the benefits it has with the CDL/Oceanographer blueprint?

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Image via aur0n

This is not the first time a blueprint has been accused of being pay to win by Warzone players.

We can assume this will be patched soon, but will have to wait and see for more information! 


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