How To Get The Juggernaut Suit In Warzone

Players can become a walking death machine with the Juggernaut suit that is available in Warzone.

First introduced as a game mode, the suit is available on the map for those daring to obtain it!

However, if you are still checking out the regular Warzone map; you may want to know how to obtain the elusive Juggernaut armour.

Here's how to obtain it within Warzone! 

How To Get Juggernaut Warzone

It's really easy - find a Red Access Card and head to a bunker that requires a Red Access Card!

There are ten bunkers scattered all around Verdansk that you can try and go after. 

Some of these will work with keycards, while others will work with specific codes players have been able to uncover.

You will know if the bunker you locate is going to let you in with the keycard, as a green light will appear above it! 

Complete Easter Eggs

Along with the red keycards, there are various other methods into which players can tackle in order to obtain the suit of armour.

Some of these include completing the Subway easter egg, and the Stadium easter egg.

All of these options are perfectly viable in the process of obtaining the Juggernaut suit, so it is really up to you which you prefer. 

Check out the following video from Wetzel showcasing how to obtain the Juggernaut suit! 

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