Warzone: How To Fix The Broken Scope Glitch

Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty Warzone have now combined. 

The integration between the two games has propelled some of the Cold War weapons to the top of the chart within Warzone.

Now, players are patiently awaiting the brand new Warzone map which should be arriving with the release of Season 2.

One aspect of Warzone that has been plaguing the game, has been the ample amount of bugs and glitches within the game.

A new one has surfaced which is hindering the performance of certain scopes for your weapons.

Here's how to fix it! 



The new glitch appears to be affecting most of the scopes within Warzone.

So, no matter which one you are using you may still encounter this problem.

For those who do not know, the issue is that the scope on your weapon will suddenly break; not allowing you to see anything in the distance. 

However, Reddit user u/Fake_Plastic_Peace has found a fix to this glitch.

They have noted you will need to take the following steps in order to resolve it: 

  • Switch to your secondary 
  • Shoot a few bullets 
  • Swap back to your primary 

Just ads and shoot your secondary, should fix it. Unless it’s gotten worse. This was a common issue during the DMR meta

They note that this should resolve the issues you are having with your weapon.

In case you were wondering what the bug looks like, check out the following video from Reddit user u/Bini_Inibitor.

I unlocked the Axial Arms 3x scope for the M60, let's try it! - Ohh...


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