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Warzone Players Request Changes To Cross-Play Amid Cheating Crisis

Ever since the release of Warzone, the issue of cheaters ruining the battle royale for millions of players has been a hot topic of debate within the community and despite regular ban waves from Raven Software and Activision, the number of cheaters appears to be on the rise, much to the annoyance of the vocal player base. With the start of Season 4 Reloaded approaching, several players have requested Activision to make changes to how cross-platform play operates.

Since the reboot of Modern Warfare in 2019, cross-platform play has been embraced by the Call of Duty franchise with open arms, uniting the often divided community in a way that many thought would never be possible but with cheaters appearing in almost every single match, one simple change could drastically improve console Warzone.

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Warzone Cross-Play Changes

Warzone Cross-Play Changes
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Thanks to Activision's exclusivity deal with Sony, PlayStation players have the ability to disable cross-platform Warzone matches in order to avoid encountering any PC players that may be using some kind of cheats to gain an unfair advantage during a match. While PlayStattion players have some way of evading cheaters, Xbox players are unable to do so, meaning the likelihood of players running into cheaters is significantly higher.

Reddit user "Sec0nd" has come up with a temporary solution while Activision attempts to address the cheaters.

While some players implied that console-only cross-play would negatively impact the PC Warzone community, many console players have seen this suggestion as a potentially positive change. While opinions on cross-play between consoles are split, one thing is for certain. Warzone is in desperate need of a dedicated anti-cheat.

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