Warzone is haunted by the ghosts of laughing children

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On the hill to the northeast of Verdansk Stadium, across the road, you can hear the ghosts of laughing children. Look for the abandoned campfire, and they’ll find you. Halloween’s coming up.

So, naturally, Warzone’s dressing for the occasion — including an upcoming limited-time “Haunting of Verdansk” event. And the in-game store will be stocked with Halloween goodies, too.


“With Halloween approaching, the store is set to stock up on a wide variety of blueprint and operator bundles,” Activision said in a blog post on Monday

“Leading off the season, expect the ‘Undead Forces’ store bundle to bring a faithful, undead companion into the fray with a new finishing move, and a new operator bundle for Velikan that gives him an even more dark and foreboding set of armor.”

Sounds like a zombie-themed finisher to me. Should be fun.

“Later in the season,” the publisher writes, “prepare for more tracer packs, an operator pack that continues the gold-plated trend of flashy skins, and even a couple of Halloween surprises as the nights grow longer and the more twisted games begin.”


Warzone’s Halloween event runs from October 20 to November 3.