Warzone AR Demo Shows Early Look At Inside of Verdansk Stadium

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Season 5 of Warzone kicks off in just a few hours time, and we've now had a cheeky glimpse into the soon-to-be-open stadium in Verdansk.

As shared by Charlie INTEL, influencers have been sent an AR demo of sorts to influencers, including Chaos. Check out the video below, which lets users peer into the stadium.


Call of Duty Sends Out AR Stadium Demo

You can check out the AR video below, with a chunk of the roof torn off as well as plenty of cover within on the playing field itself.

Call of Duty sent an AR style video to some influencers showcasing the inside of the Verdansk stadium. (Via @Chaosxsilencer) pic.twitter.com/zONKsf1TRY
— Call of Duty News (@charlieINTEL)
August 4, 2020

As some commenters have noted, there's bound to be a huge influx of snipers in the Stadium, but we'd imagine the risk of heading there will be matched by the loot to be found. In fact, we expect that once the update drops in a few hours time, Stadium will be an incredibly popular drop location.