Players Worried Vanguard Integration Could "Kill" Warzone

Even though the majority of the Warzone community is focused on the launch of Season 5, some are already looking forward to the next era of the hugely popular battle royale. With only a couple of seasons until the Black Ops Cold War era comes to a close, attention is already turning towards the release of COD 2021, widely believed to be named Vanguard.

With players eagerly awaiting Vanguard to be integrated, some members of the community are beginning to express their concerns surrounding weapon integration, suggesting that the new additions to the arsenal will dominate the metagame, ultimately killing off everything Raven Software has done to maintain balance.

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Vanguard Warzone Weapon Integration

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In a similar fashion to how the entire Black Ops Cold War arsenal was added into Warzone, it's believed that exactly the same will happen once Vanguard releases in Q4 of 2021. Soon after Cold War's weapons were added, they quickly dominated the metagame and many are worried that the likes of the M1 Garand and the MP40 could cause a huge shift in what has become a relatively stable metagame.

Reddit user 'RelationshipOne2969' stated that the "thought of WW2 guns flooding the game sounds like the death of Warzone." The sentiment was shared by several other users with many saying that it will be "thematically weird" if a Thompson SMG can outperform an MP5 in close-range scenarios.

Positive Or Negative?

From the perspective of Activision embedding the Call of Duty universe under the Warzone umbrella, integrating the Vanguard arsenal into the battle royale is a logical move regardless of how it impacts the existing weapon balance. However, from the perspective of players, having the current set of weapons disappear into obscurity while the new additions dominate seems like a backward decision.

There are still several months until the integration is expected to take place and although a lot can change, many players are appearing hesitant, especially when such radical change could negatively impact Warzone.

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