TV Station Easter Egg Teases The End Of Verdansk

Season 2 of Warzone is about to reach the halfway point and as the Zombies continue to make their way across the entirety of Verdansk, all signs are pointing towards the impending demise of the popular Warzone map.

Rumours of a brand-new map releasing have been circulating since the beginning of the season where missile silos opened up and revealed nuclear missiles that were primed for launch.

While the undead continue to conquer numerous areas of the map, players have been expecting the teasers to move up a gear and it appears that they are beginning to emerge.

An Easter Egg has been discovered that seems to confirm the inevitable.

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Warzone TV Station Easter Egg


Warzone TV Station Easter Egg Verdansk map Explodes
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Inside a shack close to the TV Station is a framed picture of Verdansk and after a few minutes, the image is destroyed by several explosions before the room fills up with deadly Nova 6 gas.

The gas appears for a few seconds before evaporating into the atmosphere.

As you can see in the video above, the entirety of Verdansk is left decimated by the explosions. Is this a teaser of what is to come?

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When Is Verdansk Being Destroyed?

The destruction of Verdansk was believed to take place on March 11th, a day after the first anniversary since the release of Warzone. After no teasers or events took place, attention quickly turned to when the missiles would launch.

It has been reported by VGC that the end of Verdansk will take place towards the end of April, tying in with the launch of Season 3 which is expected to go live on April 22nd.

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