TimTheTatman Offers Warzone Stream Sniper $2,000 For A Used Car And Gets Rejected

Timothy' TimtheTatman' Betar has learned that some Warzone players are impossible to reason with. Tim was spectating a stream sniper named 'BuyMeACar,' and he offered to help him out. During the match, Tim said he would give the player $2,000 if they won, but that didn't seem like enough to BuyMeACar.

When TimTheTatman said that it would be enough for a car, BuyMeACar shook his head. A hilarious argument between the two ended with the Warzone Stream Sniper getting the last word. If anything, just to watch Tim's face makes these clips worthwhile.

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Warzone Stream Sniper Refused TimTheTatman's offer

I wouldn't believe this story if I didn't see it. Tim begins by watching other players play Warzone. To do this, he dies as soon as possible and watches other players. In this process, he found an old acquaintance, 'BuyMeACar.'

TimtheTatman has stream sniped this player for such a long time that they are somewhat familiar with one another. BuyMeACar appears to be watching Tim as he talks to his chat, so the player knows what's going on. Tim offers the stream sniper 2,000 if they win the match as an olive branch.

This is for a used car, which is enough for a reasonable first car, as TimTheTatman says. Here is the clip of him making the offer, as found by Dexerto:

While it was a great setup, the stream-sniper actually shook his head when Tim said it was enough. A priceless look crosses TimTheTatman's face as he asks if his offer caused the player to shake his head. Nodding, BuyMeACar shows he disagrees with Tim's car statement.

This stopped being a Warzone game and devolved into an argument between the two:

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When TimTheTatman tells the Warzone stream sniper to be grateful, BuyMeACar does the unthinkable. Rather than argue with Tim about the price of a car, he kills himself in-game to reject the offer. A priceless look on Tim's face mirrors most reactions to this clip:

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There has never been anything like this, and I am curious to see what will happen when they inevitably meet again. TimTheTatman is not going to let this go any time soon. We'll keep our eyes open for the sequel to these events.

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