TimTheTatman 2v2 Kill Race Tournament: Results, Prize Breakdown, and More

Content creator TimTheTatman often showcases his Warzone skills on various live streams and YouTube videos. As one of the biggest content creators, it was only a matter of time before Tim decided to host a tournament of his very own.

On March 29, the streamer unveiled details on a 2v2 kill race tournament featuring a $150K prize pool, one of the largest in the history of competitive Warzone.

With that said, find absolutely everything there is to know about the TimTheTatman $150K Warzone kill race, including the format and the teams competing, in this article.

TimTheTatman $100K Warzone Tournament Results

With the dust settling from a thrilling tournament, the European duo of Fifakill and Jukeyz managed to walk away with the victory. Check out the full podium places below:

  • 1st - Fifakill and Jukeyz - $66K
  • 2nd - Scummn and UnRationaL - $33K
  • 3rd - Rated and Mayappo - $18K

How to Watch TimTheTatman $100K Warzone Tournament

A hub overviewing all the action will be shown on Tim's YouTube channel alongside the individual perspectives of all the players using their own channels to showcase their skills on Caldera. Once the stream goes live, we will update the article so you don't miss a single second of the action but until then, you can catch up with the action from day one above.

TimTheTatman $150K Warzone Tournament: Format and Schedule

The tournament begins on April 6 and concludes on April 7 where the eventual champions will be decided.

Rather than using a custom lobby and multipliers to determine scores, the tournament will use a kill race. Teams will battle it out in a double-elimination bracket, with the winners advancing to the next round and the losers dropping into the lower bracket for a second chance to win some cash. Check out the full prize breakdown below:

  • 1st: $66K
  • 2nd: $33K
  • 3rd: $18K
  • 4th: $12K
  • 5/6th: $7.5K
  • 7/8th: $3K

TimTheTatman $150K Kill Race Teams

Before the action begins, a full list of duos taking part has appeared. As expected, plenty of world-class players will battle it out for the top step of the podium. Check out a full list of players and teams below:

Tommey & Almond
TimTheTatman & Dr Disrespect
Scummn & UnRationaL
ZLaner & Destroy
HusKerrs & Newbz
JoeWo & bbreadman
JessieCooks & Sitrehp
IceManIsaac & Stukawaki
Sallyisadog & speros
Repullze & LuckyChamu
Slacked & Apathy
MuTeX & rasim
iSmixie & HeyLovely
StoneMountain64 & Spartacuslive
LEGIQN & zepti
Braalik & exzachtt
Fifakill & Jukeyz
Queeneliminator & Oakleyboiii
NobuSpartan & Ayzen
Testyment & emsage
cpentagon & fuzzn
BobbyPoff & Finessen
Swagg & Booya
Bloo & Lubey
Queenshadows & Jujusaiyan
BlakeCissel & Jorge
Aydan & zSmit
Swishem & Intechs
Validhands & BrittneyRaines
Rated & Mayappo
Wagnificent & Hisoka
DiazBiffle & SuperEvan
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