Players Caught Teaming in Warzone Solo Matches

Solo Warzone matches are perfect for players that prefer to drop into Caldera and Rebirth Island as a lone wolf. Without the need to coordinate with teammates, many drop into matches in a bid to become the last player standing.

As the community prepares for the launch of Season 3, players are exploring what's inside the Golden Vaults on Rebirth Island in addition to mastering the "confusing" layout of Caldera.

Despite solo Warzone matches aiming to cater for individual players, some are joining forces in a bid to make it into the latter stages of matches.

Warzone Solo Teaming
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Warzone Solo Teaming

While collaborating with other solo players isn't against the rules, it does detract from the idea of every player competing against each other for a chance of victory. Reddit user 'afightguy' claims the problem is growing after spotting three players using the same Operators and working together during a match.

The images of players working together sparked a huge debate, with some players branding it as outright cheating while others suggested a truce is a useful tactic to adapt when a large number of players are competing for a single objective. One user commented that the "same skins and same loadouts" imply that the truce wasn't a coincidence.

Is Teaming in Solo Warzone Cheating?

Ricochet anti-cheat may not detect the presence of teaming in solo Warzone but it does go against the whole idea of the mode. It's an interesting method to earn higher placements but very easy for a temporary teammate to turn against you at a moment's notice. It's probably best to stay as a lone wolf rather than joining forces with others.

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