Streamer Receives Warzone Ban Following Infinity Ward Invite

Image showing Warzone player in front of vehicles and explosion
Credit: Activision

For several seasons, Warzone has had to deal with hackers ruining the battle royale. Despite the best efforts of Ricochet anti-cheat and Raven Software, many continue to slip through the net much to the annoyance of players. As Season 4 Reloaded approaches, many hope another ban wave takes place.

With many streamers showcasing their skills to a wide audience, it's no surprise to see some accuse them of using hacks when they drop a high number of kills over the course of a match.

Following a recent string of accusations, Warzone streamer "FIVEBYFIVEx" received a permanent ban shortly after receiving an invitation from Infinity Ward to play Modern Warfare 2 early.

Accused Warzone Streamer Banned

Although there's no proof of the streamer using any kind of hacks, it appears the anti-cheat has a different perspective. A week prior to the "perma ban," they received a shadow ban which causes suspect cheaters to go against other hackers.

FIVEBYFIVEx protests their innocence, claiming they've "never cheated, VPN'd, unlock tool, camo glitch, (or) anything" and the ban has come about following mass reporting after the streamer scored 40 kills in one game and a "couple of 30 bombs" in a short space of time.

The timing of the ban is far from ideal. The streamer is one of many content creators to receive an invitation from Infinity Ward to get their hands on Modern Warfare 2 ahead of release.

To prove they don't cheat, FIVEBYFIVEx is open to anyone checking their PC for any hacks along with recent gameplay to show there's no wrongdoing.

An exact reason behind the streamer's ban is unclear but it's surprising Activision or Raven Software failing to provide any kind of proof behind the decision.

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