Warzone Players Request Reversal of Recent Sniper Nerfs

Image showing Warzone player laying prone holding a sniper rifle
Credit: Activision

One of the biggest changes to Warzone during the Pacific era was the widespread nerfs to numerous sniper rifles as part of the Season 3 update.

Over the course of the most recent season and in the early stages of Season 4, only a handful of snipers possess the power to eliminate an opponent with a single bullet to the head.

With the likes of the AX-50, ZRG 20mm, and the HDR some of the only viable options, players dropping into Fortune's Keep and Caldera are growing tired of the lacklustre performance from some snipers that once dominated the battle royale.

Warzone Players Want Sniper Nerf Reversed

To showcase how ineffective certain snipers are over the course of a match, Reddit user 'villabrus' shares a clip of the once-dominant Kar98k from Modern Warfare in action.

Despite lining up the crosshairs with expert precision, a clear shot to the head only breaks the armour of the target much to their annoyance.

Rather than applying nerfs to most sniper and marksman rifles, the user says Raven Software could've taken a different approach when it comes to dealing with overpowered weapons.

Commenters quickly agreed with the post, saying the nerf made Warzone "less fun" in comparison to previous seasons where sniping could yield plenty of kills.

On the other hand, one user argues the player could switch to the 3-Line Rifle which still features an incredibly high damage output.

It's unclear if Raven Software will adjust sniper rifles in the Season 4 Reloaded update but considering its swift response to player feedback in recent weeks, there's always a chance something could change later down the line.

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