Scump Blames Warzone for Call of Duty Getting Worse

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Seth' Scump' Abner discussed how Warzone had hurt call of duty as a whole in the Optic Podcast. Other OpTic players agreed with him as well. There's no denying the influence Warzone had on Activision.

The company made so much money from the game so quickly. Those who hadn't played and were interested in games like Fortnite could go to Call of Duty for the gameplay they wanted with a trusted name. Currently, it seems that mainstream titles are shifting to accommodate these changes.

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Warzone Changes

He explained how Warzone radically changed CoD, from gameplay adjustments to an overall "shift" in focus. "Warzone literally changed the way people look [at Call of Duty ] and the way CoD plays," Scump explained. He discussed antiquated bullet velocity, Hitscan, and how Activision made changes to help Warzone's players, despite alienating their traditional multiplayer scene.

Scump gives his thoughts at 30:25.

The multiplayer has changed drastically since Warzone arrived and started influencing Activision. Scump agreed that the multiplayer loadouts have changed to feel more like the battle royale, and now it feels like Warzone on a smaller scale.

What are your thoughts? Is Warzone really changing things, or is Scump just mad because things aren't staying the way they were?

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