Warzone Player Demands Widespread Recoil Increase

Image showing Warzone player aiming down sights of a gun
Credit: Activision

Throughout the Pacific era of Warzone, the battle royale has undergone a huge number of changes in order to improve its quality of life and ensure some kind of weapon balance is in place.

With Season 4 on the horizon, players will get their hands on a range of new guns and weapons that could spark another change in the metagame along with the new Fortune's Keep map.

Ahead of the new season, one Warzone player suggests the game needs a widespread increase in levels of weapon recoil in order to add some degree of difficulty.

Warzone Needs More Recoil

In a June 20, 2022 tweet, Warzone content creator TrueGameData says guns need more recoil following another season of a meta where the best guns to use feature little to no kick when firing.

As players gravitate towards the NZ-41 assault rifle, TrueGameData states they're "tired of being beamed from 150m" with players landing every single shot with ease.

Shooting a target from a long distance should be a challenge even for the most skilled players dropping into the action. Once commenter says the lack of recoil is why they've stopped playing altogether. "ARs and LMGs outclassing every single other gun at range is so boring."

Despite regular weapon balancing, Vanguard weaponry continues to reign supreme over its Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare counterparts. Let's hope the next dose of weapon balancing will see an increase in variety as players look for the best loadout to use in Season 4.

An increase in recoil could arrive for several weapons dominating the meta but with others quickly filling the void, the changes are obsolete a few days into the new season. Will Raven Software listen and overhaul Warzone recoil for Vanguard weapons? We shall wait and see.

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