Player Discovers Creative Tactic To Deal With Warzone Campers

The reworked version of Rebirth Island has taken the Warzone community by storm as players continue to drop into the more popular alternative to Caldera.

As attention shifts towards the launch of Season 3 and the arrival of Godzilla, the Resurgence modes continue to attract players in addition to campers waiting for their teammates to retrieve their loot.

While most players are unable to counter the crafty campers hidden in the corner, one player has discovered an ingenious tactic that utilises one of Warzone's many vehicles to ensure campers are unable to ruin their matches.

Warzone Quad Bike Camper Counter

Players are always on the hunt for the best methods to counter those that hide in a building for the duration of a match and this particular method is proving to be extremely effective.

Reddit user 'ViolentIceBear' shared their tactic to deal with those hiding in the Control Center by driving into the building on a quad bike, up some stairs, and eliminating a player patiently waiting in a corner.

The clip gives the camper no chance of escape, enabling the driver of the quad bike to add another kill to their tally with the help of some expert driving skill. One commenter believes Raven Software "purposely made the hallways the same exact size as the atv for this reason," implying the developer has waited for players to discover this innovative tactic.

While driving quad bikes indoors may work in solo matches, seeing squads of players attempting to navigate buildings would cause plenty of problems in trios and quads.

The unique use of a quad bike on Rebirth Island could spark a change in the vehicle meta. Could ATVs terrorise players thinking they've found a safe space inside a building? We will have to wait and see.

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