Warzone Players Furious With Recent Kar98k Nerfs

Throughout the history of Warzone, the Kar98k marksman rifle from Modern Warfare dominated the long-range metagame thanks to its incredible damage output and high levels of mobility.

The Season 3 update included a wealth of buffs and nerfs to various weapons within the battle royale, drastically changing the metagame. Thanks to the changes, the popularity of the Kar98k is declining as players look for the best long-range guns to use.

As the rifle slides out of the meta, several players are furious with Raven Software as many brand the Kar98k as useless.

Warzone Players Angry With Kar98k Nerf

To showcase the severity of the nerf, Reddit user 'JournalistBright109' shares a clip of the player landing a clean headshot on a nearby opponent. Prior to Season 3, the rifle was capable of downing an opponent with ease but a clear shot to the head only breaks the armour.

It's not just sniper nerfs that are angering the Warzone community. One commenter claims that the developer's nerfs "are hitting multiple weapon classes. You can't use 75% of snipers, almost all shotguns, almost all pistols," which is hugely infuriating for those wanting to move away from the guns dominating the meta.

On the other hand, some players understand why Raven Software makes changes to the power of the Kar98k. "It's a harsh nerf BUT they have been overpowered for ages."

Striking a balance between so many weapons is a tricky task. Although the Kar98k dominated the meta for several seasons, the nerf is understandable in order to encourage some more weapon variety on Caldera and Rebirth Island.

If you're looking for other Warzone guns to dominate the opposition at long distances, check out our loadout guides for the AX-50 and the ZRG 20mm.

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