Warzone Pacific: Restrictions Apply to Loadout With This Icon Message

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If you're starting up Warzone Pacific, you've probably run into the Restrictions Apply to Loadout With This Icon Message. Here's what it means and what you can do about it.

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What Does the Warzone Pacific Restrictions Apply to Loadout With This Icon Message Mean?

It's not an error, and it'll change how you play the game until the next major update. That means there's no way to fix the issue. If you run into the message, you simply can't use the item it's applied to.

Can You Use Modern Warfare Guns in Warzone Pacific?

You'll run into the Restrictions Apply message any time you pick a gun or attachment that's incompatible with Warzone Pacific in its current state. For now, you're limited to using Vanguard weapons in Warzone Pacific, so anything that doesn't show up in Vanguard is going to have an orange caution sign icon next to it, which means you're out of luck.

Your old loadouts still carry over when you boot up Warzone Pacific, so you'll have to go through and change them manually before starting a match. The same goes for equipment, such as the Heartbeat Sensor.

Raven will, eventually, allow Modern Warfare and Cold War guns, equipment, and attachments to be used in Warzone Pacific, but it'll be in a future update.

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