Sledgehammer Games Reveals First Look At Pacific Warzone Map

Even though Sledgehammer Games unveiled plenty of information surrounding Call of Duty: Vanguard's multiplayer during the worldwide reveal, the developer also showcased a brief look at the brand-new Warzone map that will be arriving into the battle royale shortly after Vanguard's launch.

During the multiplayer reveal, The map will see Warzone move away from Verdansk and into the Pacific complete with all new points of interest, destructible environments, and so much more. Alongside the first look at the new map, Sledgehammer Games also gave the community a rough estimate as to when the new map will launch. Here's the very first look at the new map set in the Pacific!

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Warzone Pacific Map

Pacific Warzone Map With Dirt Track In Foreground And Dense Forest In Background
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Raven Software's Amos Hodge shed some additional light on the brand-new setting for Call of Duty's immensely popular battle royale:

"Warzone's Pacific map is an entirely new playspace with all-new points of interest and extremely cool locations," Amos explains. "Our goal was to create a fresh, new experience by breaking out of war-torn Verdansk to create an atmosphere that's vibrant, alive, and opens the door to how we can craft narratives and events."

Hodge goes on to confirm that the Pacific map uses exactly the same engine as Vanguard, ensuring "seamless integration" of Vanguard's weapon arsenal which is certainly good news considering how many issues arose when Black Ops Cold War's arsenal appeared in Verdansk.

When Will The Warzone Pacific Map Release?

An exact release date for Warzone's new map has yet to be revealed but Raven Software has stated that it will be arriving alongside a brand-new anti-cheat "shortly after" Vanguard releases on November 5th. With Season One set to take place a few weeks after launch, there is a chance of the map arriving then.

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