Warzone Director Responds to Operation Monarch Criticisms

Operation Monarch continues to generate a wealth of debate from the Warzone community. While some love the arrival of Godzilla and Kong on Caldera, others including NICKMERCS and Dr Disrespect are calling the latest limited-time event (LTE) "disappointing."

Crossovers and collaborations are nothing new in Warzone but others are far more polished experiences than other in-game spectacles. With the majority of teasers building up a showdown between the two titans, the lack of battling left players underwhelmed.

In response to the criticisms, Raven Software creative director Ted Timmins claims "having fun isn't for everyone."

Raven Software Responds to Operation Monarch Criticism

Following a recent poll from the ModernWarzone Twitter page, 70% of over 24k voters say the LTE was an "L," citing a number of reasons as to why Operation Monarch missed the mark. In response to the post, Timmins wrote the following in a now-deleted Tweet

Image showing Ted Timmins Response to Warzone poll
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Credit: u/Timhexagon

Plenty of players shared their thoughts on the event, with many saying the event was fun but there wasn't any replayability. "It was fun for about 30 mins," says one fan. "Didn't bring me back to the game for a minute longer."

Although the poll displays a convincing majority, it's important to remember that 24k voters is a minuscule portion of Warzone's total playerbase meaning there are a lot of unheard opinions on the appearance of Godzilla and Kong.

As Operation Monarch winds down, many are hoping Raven Software can address the criticisms with the next in-game event likely marking the end of Caldera and the Pacific era of Warzone. Perhaps Timmins and their team will create an event involving the dormant volcano destroying the Pacific island. Only time will tell.

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