Players Claim Warzone Night Terror Skin Is “Pay-to-Win”

Image showing Night Terror Operator Skin firing purple tracer rounds
Credit: Activision

Image showing Night Terror Operator Skin firing purple tracer rounds
Credit: Activision

Paying to gain an advantage over the opposition isn't something that should feature in Warzone. Despite the best efforts of Raven Software, specific weapon blueprints and skins only available in store bundles sometimes give players an accidental upper hand.

As the focus slowly turns to the launch of Season 4 Reloaded, the developer continues introducing new content for players to purchase. One of the most recent bundles to arrive is the Violet Stealth Pro Pack which includes the controversial Night Terror Operator Skin.

With players branding the skin as Roze 3.0, many who encounter opponents using the skin claim it's another example of pay-to-win.

Is Warzone Night Terror Skin Pay to Win?

The dark colours of the Night Terror skin make it extremely difficult to spot in shaded areas of Caldera, Fortune's Keep, and Rebirth Island. It's clear the mood of the community isn't positive.

After encountering a Night Terror user during a match, Redditor 'Silver-Anybody5086' shares a post demonstrating the pay-to-win nature of the skin.

After shooting at a player using the skin, they enter a shaded watchtower. A few seconds later, they disappear into the shadows before downing the player much to their annoyance.

Although Silver-Anybody manages to eliminate the opponent thanks to some third-party interference, many commenters share the same pay-to-win opinion. One user claims the situation is "absolutely ridiculous" with Raven Software continuing to nerf the Roze skin rather than tackling the Night Terror issues.

It's unclear if the developer is aware of another example of pay-to-win negatively impacting the free-to-play title. If players continue expressing their frustration, there's a high chance of a fix arriving that will stop the Night Terror from disappearing into the darkness once and for all.

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