Warzone MP5 vs MP7 - Which Is Better?

For players that love to play aggressively and get in amongst the action on Warzone, the sub-machine gun (SMG) category is filled with a number of weapons that are extremely effective in congested areas of the map.

The MP5 and the MP7 are certainly two of the strongest SMGs in its respective class and perhaps the entire game.

Equipped with the right attachment combination to suit your style of play, both weapons can be lethal in nearly every imaginable situation.

In this article, we compare the two weapons and attempt to determine which one is the best to use.


Unlocked at level 12 in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, the MP5 is very easy to control, making it deadly in medium to long-range gunfights.

The Pros

As mentioned above, the MP5 is extremely easy to control even at the longest of ranges.

The combination of easy control and fast rate of fire makes it the most effective weapon in close-quarters combat.

For added elements of stealth, players can even equip a suppressor to reduce the sound and hardly affecting its high damage output, making it one of the most versatile weapons in the game.

The Cons

Despite its ease of control, the small magazine means that you frequently run out of ammunition unless you’re using Scavenger as a perk or running a munitions box as your field upgrade.

In comparison to the MP7, being caught reloading is the main cause of death when using the MP5.


Unlocked at level 54 in multiplayer, the MP7 is one of the last weapons to be unlocked and it is definitely worth the wait.

The Pros

Armed with the highest rate of fire in the SMG class, the MP7 is lethal in close quarters combat, making it the ideal weapon to get into the action with.

The large magazine allows less time for reloading, allowing players to score multiple kills before needing to change magazine.

With low levels of recoil despite the fast rate of fire, there is plenty of room to experiment with different attachments that can benefit a wide range of play styles.

The Cons

Although it is very effective at close range, the MP7 suffers a severe drop-off in damage at medium-range, making it very difficult to score kills at distance.

Which Is Best?

Both weapons excel in close quarters gunfights but thanks to the ability to use it at longer distances, I have chosen the MP5.

Being able to use it a distance rather than just close range makes it much easier to score kills without having to get heavily involved in the action all of the time.

As always, it comes down to personal preference as no weapon will work for everyone!

The game is always changing and evolving with new strategies and mechanics which often change how the game is played.

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