Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune Challenges and Rewards

A soldier crouching while aiming a gun in Call of Duty

A soldier crouching while aiming a gun in Call of Duty

Season 4 of Warzone has begun this week, introducing Fortunes Keep into the map rotation. It's larger than Rebirth Island but only slightly, making for hectic resurgence matches. Alongside the new map, Raven has added the Mercenaries of Fortune event to celebrate, which features some challenges. If you're after the swag on offer, here's the lowdown on the Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune challenges and all the rewards on offer.

The challenges work much like those in previous in-game events, with each offering an individual reward and completing them all granting a special bonus.

If you're after more guides on Season 4, we also have a piece on how to find golden keycards following the new update, where is best to land in Fortunes Keep, and what weapons buffs we've seen so far.

Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune Challenges and All Rewards

Below is a list of the eight challenges in the Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune event, alongside the rewards for completing them.

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Some will be completed organically by just playing normally, but others will require you to work a little harder to go somewhere specific.

For any challenges for which we have individual guides to help you out with completing them, we'll link to them as part of the list.

  • Get 50 player kills in Fortunes Keep
    • False Protector Camo (Legendary)
  • Open a Mercenary Vault
    • Fanged Assault Emblem (Uncommon)
  • Get 25 kills or assists while in a vehicle
    • Nugget Charm (Legendary)
  • Win one game of Golden Plunder
    • Venomous Wealth Calling Card (Legendary)
  • Get 100 kills at Storage Town on Caldera Island
    • Death Prospector Camo (Rare)
  • Collect 100000 cash on Fortunes Keep
    • Venomous Approval Sticker (Rare)
  • Dig up buried treaure piles on Fortunes Keep
    • Nefarious Deeds Charm (Epic)
  • Purchase 5 items from the Black Market
    • Scaled Sniper reticle (Epic)

For completing all of the above challenges in the Mercenaries of Fortune event you get a The Vault vehicle skin, which is of Ultra rarity.

If any more challenges come as part of the event, we'll update you with all the tips on how to complete them.

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