Leakers Are Claiming That New Season 3 Weapons Are Re-Skins

One of the highlights of a brand-new season of Warzone is the addition of new weapons into the arsenal. Season 3 of the battle royale is no different, with the classic PPSH-41 submachine gun and the Swiss K31 sniper rifle joining the ever-expanding list of weapons to use.

The new weapons are just a small portion of the huge amount of content that has arrived in Warzone for Season 3.

The nuke event paved the way for a brand-new version of Verdansk set in 1984 alongside the addition of new Operators and the Hunt for Adler Event where players can earn exclusive cosmetic items by completing a range of challenges.

While the new weapons may feel different in-game, one leaker has claimed that they are re-skins of two weapons that already exist within Warzone.

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Season 3 Weapons Are Re-Skins

Warzone Season 3 Weapons Re Skins PPSH Swiss K31 MAC-10 Kar98k
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In a now-deleted Tweet, notable Call of Duty leaker @ZestyCODLeaks claims that the new weapons are in fact re-skins of the MAC-10 and the Kar98k, two weapons that have been present within Warzone for several months.

PPSH Warzone Reskin Of MAC-10
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If we look at the bottom right corner of the image, the presence of a MAC-10 can clearly be seen despite the player clearly using a PPSH in the game, much to the confusion of players.

There is every chance that it could be some kind of graphical glitch which causes the two weapons to merge together, or Raven Software has taken some shortcuts when it comes to implementing the two weapons into Warzone.

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Will It Be Fixed?

If the issue is simply a graphical bug, it's more than likely that the developers are aware of the issue and a fix to prevent any kind of confusion will be implemented into the game in the coming weeks.

If it is a re-skin of existing weapons, the issue may take longer to fix. If timing was an issue, would it have made more sense for Raven Software to release other weapons that were ready to go rather than rework existing weapons?

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