JGOD Claims Warzone AX-50 Has "Hitscan" in Season 3 Reloaded

With Season 3 Reloaded for Warzone in full swing, players are dropping onto Caldera and Rebirth Island to see what the mid-season update has to offer. Alongside the appearance of an Underground Transit System, Raven Software introduces another dose of weapon buffs and nerfs.

Warzone sniper rifles changed drastically at the beginning of the season, shaking up the long-range metagame. One of the rifles benefitting from the change is the AX-50 from Modern Warfare.

On some occasions, some weapons become far too strong and according to Warzone extraordinaire JGOD, the AX-50 is "hitscan."

What Is Hitscan in Warzone?

For those familiar with Warzone, hitscan means bullets aren't simulated when you fire the gun. Rather than landing exactly where the crosshair is pointing, the shots hit any target that's within them regardless of distance and if they're moving.

While seeing what Season 3 Reloaded has to offer, the content creator demonstrates the mechanic in action.

Even with the centre of the crosshair not focusing on the target, JGOD manages to land lethal long-range shots on anyone that's within the confines of the scope. As you can see, a hitscan AX-50 is extremely powerful much to the annoyance of players.

As players draw attention to the issue, there's a high chance Raven Software is already working on some kind of fix to restore the AX-50 to its original statistics. For sniping fans, there's no better time to deal some long-distance damage on Caldera and Rebirth Island.

With the hitscan AX-50 in full force, be aware the next time you decide to challenge a sharpshooter during a match.

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