Is The Verdansk Dam Returning To Warzone?

Season 4 of Warzone is right around the corner and as players prepare for another season of post-launch content, several have spotted a particular point of interest that was removed from Verdansk at the start of Season 3.

Season 3 saw the launch of a re-skinned version of the Warzone map set in 1984 with new points of interest, a brighter palette of colour, and a new pool of ground loot.

The changes have been met with widespread positivity, but many are confused as to why this particular POI could be returning to the map. While it may not have been a popular landing spot, many matches often concluded in this area of the map.

Find out whether the Dam will be making a return to Warzone and what impact it may have in this article.

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Warzone Dam Returning In Season 4

Despite no official confirmation from Raven Software, it is very easy to spot the Dam in the Season 4 trailer as a number of satellites begin to fall onto Verdansk.

Dam Warzone Season 4 Return
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The Dam can be seen in the background

It is unclear as to why the Dam appeared in the Season 4 trailer considering it hasn't been seen since modern-day Verdansk was destroyed by the launch of a nuclear missile.

Perhaps it has been added back into the battle royale to signify that some time has passed since Warzone was transported back into 1984.

With Adler being held captive by Stitch, there is every possibility that several years may have passed.

Should It Return?

With Summit now the main point of interest in the northern half of the map, the potential return of the Dam could spark a change when it comes to the best places to land.

Many players opt to land around the central areas of Verdansk thanks to their popularity providing plenty of potentail to score several kills in the opening stages of a match but if the Dam appears again, many may begin landing at the top half of the map to avoid a premature trip to the Gulag.

In my opinion, the Dam should return to Warzone. There are a number of empty spaces on Verdansk '84 and with another place to land giving even more options for players. Whether it becomes a popular POI is another question but Raven Software wouldn't re-introduce an old area of the map for no reason.

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